We can’t do this alone, we need your support. Please share this website with others that you know that can lend a helping hand, donate household goods, or make a monetary contribution.

Donations Needed:

Furniture: couches (no sleeper sofas or reclining sofas), chairs, coffee and end tables, TV stands, mattresses and box springs (full, or twin), bed frames, small dressers or chest of drawers.

Kitchen Items: plates, cookware, utensils, coffee makers, crock pots, toasters, toaster ovens, rugs, dish towels, and storage containers.

Bedroom Items: Blankets, sheets, small tables, and lamps.

Bathroom Items: Towels and rugs.

Miscellaneous Items: Television sets, lamps, cleaning items, ironing boards, vacuums.

Organizational Needs:

We are in need of a pickup truck and trailer that are in working condition. We have had to borrow or rent trucks for the past 4 years, and it is getting increasingly difficult to accomplish. If you can assist or know of someone that can, please let us know. 

We also need an outdoor canopy, preferable 10 x 10, sturdy, and easy to set up. This will enable us to continue participating in community events and conduct fundraisers.

All donations made to our organization are tax deductible.