Services We Provide

Serving Families Transitioning from Homelessness to Permanent Housing and Educating the General Public About the Environmental Impact of Waste. 

Diverting Waste While Serving the Homeless and Those With Financial Need:
We collect donations of any and all used household goods in order to furnish permanent housing for families that have been displaced and are in homeless shelters and those that demonstrate financial need.

We will do our best to secure everything a family could need including:

Furniture: couches, chairs, tables, and beds

Kitchen Items: kitchen utensils, pots and pans, small appliances, dishware

Bathroom Items: rugs and towels

Bedroom Items: blankets, sheets, and lamps

Miscellaneous Items: decorative items, rugs, ironing boards and irons, vacuums, etc.


Educating the Public About the Environmental Impact of Waste:
In addition to conducting community outreach in regards to our waste diversion efforts, we have been actively involved in a middle school education program. We are currently seeking funding to continue and expand our middle school recycling program for eighth grade students helping them acquire environmental competencies and understand the following concepts:
  • Implementing Strategies to Conserve Natural Resources in the Community
  • Describing How Clean Environments Protect the Community
  • Examining Global Concerns Related to the Community in Regards to Global Climate Change and an Individuals Carbon Footprint

Accomplishments to Date: We have successfully diverted approximately 100 tons of waste from landfill disposal and have assisted 150 individuals by supplementing furnishings for 75 homes. Our middle school recycling program has shared the environmental importance of Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling with 240 eighth grade students.

We are currently seeking funding to conduct a "Curb Alert Service" to collect used household items that are placed on the curb for waste collection. If you can assist in the funding process please notify us by email with "Curb Alert Service" in the subject line at